Why Is Tree Maintenance Important?

Why Is Tree Maintenance Important

Some people think tree maintenance is unimportant and a waste of time and money but it is not. So why is tree maintenance important? The truth is that maintaining your trees will play a role in prolonging their life and keeping their appearance. 

Tree maintenance is when you maintain the overall state of your tree to prevent them from overgrowing or dying. Taking care of your trees will also assure the safety of people as dead branches can fall anytime and potentially harm individuals. While this may seem simple enough, trees are also delicate, and randomly cutting off branches can do more harm than good. 

When Should You Do Tree Maintenance?

You might expect that regularly maintaining trees is a great way to ensure that they are maintained but no. Factors like the season and size of the branch are what you must consider before proceeding to trim them. You can only cut branches when they are young as they are the ones that are more likely to regrow. Those that are longer and older can only be removed when needed. You should also only do tree maintenance during their dormant season or mid to late winter. Assuring proper regrowth once the warm weather rolls in. 

Common Types of Tree Maintenance

  • Tree trimming – Trimming is when you are cutting excessive branches of the tree. Trimming will help you avoid overgrowth and improve the flow of air and light on the tree. 
  • Tree pruning – Tree pruning is when there are dead or infected branches in the tree that needs to remove. By doing so, you are preventing other parts from being infected as well. 
  • Tree fertilization – Fertilizing your trees will give them the nutrients that they need to grow. Typical fertilizers contain chemicals that are not present in the soil, like potassium and phosphorus. 
  • Watering trees regularly – Like other plants, trees need water to survive as well. The amount of water that trees need will depend on their species and their environment as well. Also, age plays a factor in the amount of water they need. 

Can I cut trees on my property? Read here to find out.

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How a Beautifully Landscaped Home Improve the Value of Your Property

landscaped home

How does a beautifully landscaped home improve the value of your property? Is there any relation to having a nice garden with beautiful outdoor features to the actual price of your real estate? 

Having a landscape home is a great thing because it will improve the overall look and aesthetics of your surroundings. Nothing beats coming home to a beautiful house and an impressive garden. It is something that you can be proud of because passersby, neighbors, visitors, and of course, your own family will be able to see and enjoy the beauty of your landscaped garden. 

Is It Worth it To Hire Someone to Landscape Your Home? 

Sometimes, some homeowners have an interest in gardening and might even consider themselves as having a green thumb. Therefore, they don’t find it necessary to hire someone to landscape their garden. After all, plants and other landscape materials can be bought directly from stores.

However, it is also worth it to hire someone to landscape your home. Aside from not having to go through the tedious task of planting trees are beds of flowers and bushes, landscape artists and professionals usually have an eye for design. They have a system that they follow to ensure that your home is landscaped beautifully.

So How Does My Home’s Landscape Affect the Value of My Property? 

Any significant improvement on a residential property adds to the overall value of the real estate. Sometimes, houses that might look similar and have the same lot size or floor area and located in the same neighborhood can differ in prices. Of course, the overall aesthetics and look of the house are taken into consideration when placing a price tag on it.

This means that your landscaped home, especially when done by a professional can be valued higher compared to other houses.

Are there tree stumps left on your property? These would definitely not look great in your landscape garden. Here are some tree stump removal tips that you might find helpful.

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Can I Cut Trees on My Property?

can I cut trees on my property

Can I cut trees on my property? If you are considering tree removal on your own property, it is understandable for you to think that you can make this decision all by yourself. After all, it is your property and all things in it are your possessions. However, trees are not ordinary materials things. They play a far more important role on earth, therefore, they are protected by laws that might just restrict you from cutting them down without any form of permit. 

When you want to know whether you can simply cut down a tree on your own – that’s possible, but not recommended unless you’re cutting down a really small tree. When dealing with large trees like palms or oaks, it is best to get help from professional tree contractors as they have the experience, knowledge, and all the equipment needed for safe tree removal. There’s more than just getting a chainsaw through a tree’s trunk when cutting a tree. You have to make sure it won’t fall down on your house or driveway where it can damage possessions. Without the right know-how and experience, you might even get injured. So to be sure, hire a contractor to help out. 

Below are some examples of tree removal fails, that might just make you think twice about cutting a tree on your own. 

Get a Permit for Tree Removal

If you’re unsure whether your state or community allows you to cut trees on your property, the best thing to do is to ask your local government office first. More often than not, they will have to inspect your property and check whether cutting is necessary and if you should be awarded a permit. When you work with a tree contractor, they can help you in securing these permits too. Here are more reasons why you should avail tree removal services from experts

So when you are about to cut a tree on your property or whether you are still asking can I cut trees on my property in the first place, contact a trusted local tree contractor for assistance. 

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Seven Benefits of Tree Trimming

benefits of tree trimmingAs a gardener and landowner, we know that trees need trimming and pruning for proper growth. But many of us overlook the need for trimming as they are not aware of the many benefits that a straightforward practice brings to the overall health of a tree. So, we have gathered a list of seven benefits of tree trimming that every landowner should know.

  1. Diagnose problem tree: Trimming the trees, you may come across insects eating up the tree. Knowing it earlier can help make a timely decision. Disinfecting the tree may help restore the tree’s health.
  2. Improved airflow and sun exposure: Trimming the upper part if the tree means more sunlight to the lower branched and better airflow to the entire tree. In short, trimming helps improve the overall health of the tree.
  3. Cost-Effective Care: You can save on money by having the tree trimmed regularly. It costs less to trim the tree as compared to having a tree treated or cured of diseases. Moreover, you do not have to spend extra on buying fertilizers and pesticides for healthy tree growth.
  4. Improve fruit production: Juicy apples grow on an apple tree. Having the tree trimmed regularly could mean delicious fruits. Trimming improves fruit quality as well as the size of the tree.
  5. Trimming Helps Preserve the Environment: Having trees trimmed than removed helps our surroundings and environment. A nicely trimmed tree even looks appealing to others.
  6. Keeps Tree Healthy: When trimmed regularly, trees grow healthy and free from diseases.
  7. Aesthetic Value: A tree adds to the aesthetic value of the property. People or families are more inclined towards buying a house with a well-maintained garden area.

The lush green trees look appealing to the house. You can ensure their good health by timely trimming and pruning them.

Here, you can read about the five benefits of tree stump removal

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Why Avail Residential Tree Removal Services?

tree removal servicesHaving a tree removed from the property by experts can leave you with some extra time and energy. Having a profession to do it for you means a lot as some trees can be tricky to remove. Besides, safety is another aspect that calls for professional aid. There are more reasons for hiring residential tree removal services that are listed below:

  1. Heavy to Lift: Some trees are bulk and bushy. Removing them from a residential area could cause injuries if not done correctly. Professionals have equipment for trimming and moving the tree out from the property without causing any damage. A professional may take away the tree in a truck and dump it on an authorized location.
  2. Dangerous to Remove: Trees around property and wire poles are complicated to remove as any mistake could cause severe damage. For instance, a tree stuck on the wire poll may cause electricity disturbance throughout the area. Therefore, it is vital to have a professional around as they will evaluate the location before removing the tree.
  3. Diseased Trees: Just like some trees are dangerous to the property; some may be diseased and capable of spreading bacteria to other trees or plants. Such trees need to be evaluated by the experts. Disinfecting them before removing may help prevent the proliferation of insects or disease to other plants on the landscape. Professionals have specific tools that can kill a tree and remove it from the property from its roots to prevent spreading the infection of a tree from the roots under the soil.
  4. Stump Removal: Some tree removal services providers also offer their clients with stump removal services. Stumps are difficult to remove as they are heavy. Professionals can have the stump removed chemically or through extraction as per the requirement of the location.

Trees are huge and can cause harm upon accidental falling. It is best to have a professional remove it for you.

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Tree Stump Removal Tips

tree stump removalRemoving a stump from the yard can be a tedious job as it requires a lot of manual and smart work. Hiring a contractor for stump removal is probably the best thing you can do. However, if you have decided to do it all by yourself, here are a few tips for you.

First though, it is never a good idea to try stump removal on your own. It can be very dangerous if you do not have the right equipment. New Smyrna Tree Pros specializes in tree removal, as well as stump removal. It is always best to hire a professional tree company, and well worth the cost. Otherwise, the job will probably not be done correctly, and even worse, you can get hurt.

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Why You Need to Remove Dead Trees

remove dead treesTrees are very strong living things and they were created that way because they need to withstand varying weather conditions that can happen anytime. However, trees do not live forever. Some of them may last thousands of years, while others would only last for a few years or some decades. As a property owner, it becomes our responsibility to remove dead trees. And especially if you own a residential or commercial property, it is definitely necessary to remove them.

When many of us have moved into our own property, we already have those trees right on our lawn or garden. Many of us have witnessed trees that survive an entire lifetime and they have always just been there for as long as we can even remember. But as mentioned, trees do not live forever and eventually, they may get weak and fall down. Some of them might still be looking strong as they stay standing on the ground, however, you will see or notice differences with their leaves, trunk, branches, roots. Especially when you see that the tree no longer has any leaves, it could be that it’s already dead.

Especially for those who have large spaces in the yard, they wouldn’t mind having a dead tree staying in their property. However as mentioned, you need to remove a dead tree because they can get very risky and may cause problems to the homeowner and people visiting the property. They can fall down without warning and may cause injury or even damage to property.

Furthermore, dead trees will also affect its surrounding vegetation. If you have perfectly healthy plants and trees around it, they may get affected and become weak. In addition, dead trees can grow mold, bacteria, viruses, or may even be infested by wild animals or pets. Therefore, you definitely need to remove dead trees from your property. Ask for help from a tree service contractor so that they can assist you in removing the tree right away.

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