3 Top Benefits of Tree Pruning

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Benefits of Tree PruningA lot of homeowners take for granted the importance of tree pruning. Because trees seem to always be strong and mighty, people feel like they don’t need a lot of care and maintenance. There so many benefits of tree pruning and as a homeowner with a tree or several trees in your yard, you should certainly know about this.

Tree pruning is the process of cutting down small portions of the tree such as twigs and branches that appear to be overgrown. It’s not quite tree trimming that cuts down larger portions of the tree, but the process is very similar.

Among the many benefits of tree pruning, here are just some of them:

1. Tree pruning makes your tree healthier.

With regular pruning, your tree becomes healthier. New branches and leaves would grow since there’s space for them to do so. Sick or dead ones will be removed.

2. Your tree looks more beautiful when regularly pruned.

Tree pruning removes sick and dead branches, as mentioned. It also removes low hanging branches and those that appear to be overgrown. Of course, your tree will look absolutely beautiful when newly pruned.

3. Tree pruning promotes fruit and flower growth.

If your tree grows fruits and flowers, pruning can either help or disrupt that growth. When pruning is properly done, more fruits and flowers would grow in no time. But when done improperly, or if you overdo it, growth may also stop.

Pruning can be a DIY job when you’re dealing with smaller plants and bushes around your garden. However, when you’re pruning a tree, it is best to call an expert to help you out. Tree pruning could be a risky job especially if you need to climb up higher branches.

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