Tree Care and Maintenance for Newbies

Tree Care and MaintenanceWhether you’re a new homeowner or you’re simply trying out gardening for the first time, it can be very helpful to know more about proper tree care and maintenance. Aside from keeping a tree’s surroundings clean and watering it every once in a while especially during the hot summer season, there are many more ways for you to ensure that trees in your property are beautiful and healthy.

There are things you can do on your own. If it seems more difficult or if you don’t have the right knowledge and tools to carry out a certain task, you can also call a gardener or landscaper to help you out. However, there are plenty more tree care and maintenance needs that call for professional tree contractors. In fact, many of these tasks require a licensed contractor’s assistance.

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Important Things to Consider Before Landscaping Your Property

Landscaping Your PropertyFor many homeowners, it is a dream to have a beautifully landscaped property. Most would love to have a charming garden right outside their doorstep. Especially if you live in an urban neighborhood, having that piece of nature close to you could make a huge difference. However, landscaping your property is not as easy as it seems. After the landscaper is done with his work and leaves your home, your responsibility to maintain your garden starts.

Because you can easily hire someone to landscape your property, it would also be easy for you to take for granted the responsibilities attached to maintaining a garden. Especially if you have a number of trees and plants, you must do your part in making sure they remain beautiful and healthy over the years. These are living things that require care and maintenance. You can’t leave them there expecting them to live without proper care.

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Mosquito Repelling Plants You Can Grow in Your Garden

Mosquito Repelling PlantsPeople who spend a lot of time outdoors know very well how they can fall victim to mosquito bites. Mosquitoes find their hideout near plants, water pods, and grass. They often come out when they find their prey strolling on the lawn enjoying the evening. Aside from the fact that their bites are itchy and irritating, they carry a number of viruses and diseases too. In fact, mosquitoes are considered some of the deadliest creatures in the world. The number of deaths caused by mosquitoes yearly remains unmatched compared to other animals on the planet.

Though there are chemical ways to deal with the mosquitoes for good, there are also certain plants that work as a mosquito repellent. Here are some mosquito repelling plants you can easily grow in your garden.

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Tree Fertilization Benefits

Tree Fertilization BenefitsSome people are under the impression that fertilizers are only made for flower plants, fruit-bearing trees, and even vegetable gardens. However, tree fertilization is very important too. This process is pretty easy especially if you only have one or a few trees in your yard. But if there are several in your property, it is best to just get help from tree experts.

Truth be told, tree fertilization seems simple. However, depending on the type of fertilizer you’re using, it can still be considered a risky job. For instance, if you’re not wearing safety clothing for your protection, you can get skin irritation or even worse, you might get hurt by toxic chemicals. If you decide to fertilize trees on your own, you must do your research first. You must be 100% sure that you know the fertilizer product very well and you’re following all the necessary steps and all safety precautions.

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Emergency Tree Service Company

Emergency Tree ServiceClimate change is a serious concern. Winters are much colder and summers are much warmer than ever before. When it rains, it pours way more than many of us expect. Large hurricanes and very strong storms come multiple times during the year. With all these going on, it is very important to have a go-to emergency tree service company.

Emergencies happen and they come at the most unexpected times. Tree service companies are quite abundant almost everywhere, but not all of them are available 24/7. There are jobs that simply can’t wait. It would be so much better if you know you can call on someone who can help you out at any given time.

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