Dangers of DIY Tree Trimming

Posted by on Aug 24, 2018 in Landscape | Comments Off on Dangers of DIY Tree Trimming

DIY Tree TrimmingTree trimming is one of the most important tree maintenance tasks every property owner should know about. Especially if there are trees in your residential or commercial property where a lot of people are, trimming overgrown, decaying, and dead branches is absolutely necessary to ensure the safety of your property and all the people in it. In case of severe weather conditions, untrimmed trees are in danger of falling down and causing damage to property. But you must now that DIY tree trimming is not recommended at all. You should be calling a licensed tree contractor for assistance.

Some property owners opt for DIY tree trimming to save a few dollars from labor costs. They think they can handle the job on their own because it seems as simple as climbing up a tree and using an ax or chainsaw to remove some of its parts. No – it is not a simple task. It is very dangerous and risky, not to mention how the law in most states require you to get a licensed tree contractor for jobs like these.

DIY tree trimming means climbing up the tree on your own. You must wear safety gear including a helmet, proper clothing, and even a harness. There are some parts of the tree that can get so high up, which only means you need to climb higher. When you call a contractor, they will most likely use a crane to lift up the worker to reach those parts.

Doing this on your own also means that you are in danger of stepping on the wrong parts of the tree. You may fall down if you happen to step on a weak branch or cut down a part where the place you’re standing on is connected.

Furthermore, you have to spend a whole lot on the equipment, safety gear, and other materials needed for tree trimming. So why not hire a contractor instead?

It is important to trim trees in your property every few years or so depending on the trees’ growth pace. However, your safety is more important than anything else. If you need to trim trees, call a contractor instead.

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