Five Myths about Pruning a Tree

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Can over-pruning kill a tree? Certainly not. There are rare chances of a tree dying of over-pruning. Still, you mayPruning a Tree hear people saying that over-pruning is bad and may lead to the preterm death of a tree. Statements like this one are some myths that need to be debunked.

Pruning a tree can never be dangerous no matter how intense a cut may be. Right knowledge and tools can help you prune a tree better. A little experience goes a long way, and like most household tasks, the more you perform tree pruning the better!

Overcoming certain myths about pruning can further add to your knowledge. So, here are some myths associated with tree pruning and reasoning to debunk them:

Five Common Misconception or Myths about Tree Pruning:

  1. Trees Can Grow Well Without Pruning: Trees can grow without pruning but they will never be healthy. Pruning boosts the growth of a tree. In fact, a tree grows strong when pruned timely and branches out in almost every direction. An unpruned tree, on the other hand, would be dull in appearance.
  2. Never Prune a Tree in Summertime: Pruning is a seasonal thing for some trees. Summer is the time when a tree may branch out in different directions. Pruning the tree in summer help keep the tree in shape.
  3. Over-Pruning Can Kill a Tree: Pruning will never kill a tree. No matter how intensely or frequently you prune the tree will never die. However, over-pruning may make it look unattractive and may reduce its supply of nutrients from the branches and leaves. In short, over-pruning is not really good for the health of a tree.
  4. Pruning Technique is Same for all Trees: You cannot prune a fruit tree and shade tree alike. Their requirements are different and call for different pruning techniques. Fruit trees, for instance, requires heavy pruning to propel growth as compared to shade trees.
  5. Pruning is Difficult to Understand: Pruning is not a rocket science and can be learned by an average gardener. Don’t let people underestimate your potential as a gardener.

So these were some of the myths associated with tree pruning. If you are some gardener, don’t let these misconceptions overcome your capabilities. Just know when to trim and how to trim. Don’t overthink or overdo it. Keep pruning simple and as required.

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