Organic Killing of Weeds

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Organic Killing of WeedsDo you want to get rid of weeds growing in your garden area? Don’t want to try any chemical method as chemicals have the potential to damage the soil? There are organic methods that can be used to kill the weeds without affecting the rest of your garden area. In fact, you can kill the weeds using home materials!

Manual Removal: You can manually remove the weeds growing in your garden by pulling them out from roots. Plucking out the weed will reduce its chances to regrow. It is also one of the safest and natural weed removal methods.

Sprays: Sprays work best in killing young weeds that grow annually. Household products such as vinegar can be spray on the weeds to kill them. Boiling water is another household remedy to treat weeds. However, the boiling water and vinegar should be used with caution as they can cause injuries when contacted directly on the skin.

Flame: Flames can kill the weeds and discourage their regrowth. The flames as a method to kill weeds require vigilance. They have the potential to kill mature weeds. The flames may burn your skin and cause serious injuries when contacted accidentally, so make sure you take extra care. Furthermore, you must make sure that other plants in your garden don’t get in contact with these flames.

So, these were some amazing ways to kill weeds organically. Some of the methods listed above call for extra care. For instance, boiling water if splashed on your hands or feet may burn your skin. It may also kill other plants if poured on them accidentally. Be extra careful with any method that you pick to kill these weeds.

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