Prevent Hazard Trees with Crown Reduction

Posted by on Apr 16, 2019 in Landscape | Comments Off on Prevent Hazard Trees with Crown Reduction

Crown ReductionTree trimming is one of the most common tree maintenance services one can get from a local tree contractor. When trees are overgrown, they can become hazardous to their surroundings. In this case, some limbs and branches must be removed to reduce the overall size of the tree. However, when you need to reduce the height of the tree, crown reduction is necessary.

Some property owners opt for tree topping procedures, which is a far more dangerous process. It Tree topping removes large limbs and branches and eliminates entire canopies. This can be harmful to the tree’s overall health and shape. When done improperly, the tree may end up weak and even more hazardous.

Tree topping is done because of lack of knowledge, proper equipment, and expert assistance. A licensed tree contractor with enough experience to know about the do’s and don’ts of tree trimming know very well that tree topping is a huge no-no. It leaves huge wounds on the tree’s structure, which can end up hindering tree growth. For fruit and flower bearing trees, this could stop production completely.

When you need to reduce the height of a tree, request instead for crown reduction. No more than 20% of the canopy is removed. Limbs and branches are removed carefully and strategically to promote future growth. Most licensed tree contractors know exactly what to do so better work with experienced ones. This way, you can be sure that you can successfully reduce the tree’s height to a safe level and at the same time keep the tree healthy.

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