Removing Stumps and Roots

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Root RemovalRemoving tree stumps and roots can be tougher than clearing an entire tree from your property. Despite its difficulty, it is important to remove these stumps or remaining roots from the ground to prevent fungal growth that can affect surrounding vegetation. Furthermore, if you or your children usually walk or run around your yard, stumps left behind may cause accidents and injury.

So how exactly does stump removal and root removal work? Here are some methods you should know about.

Removing Stumps: A stump grinder is ideally used for stump removal especially when the stump is too large and hard. It is a machine easily available in the market. However, these things could cost you a lot of money so you may consider renting the equipment instead. If you do not know how to operate a stump grinder, it is best to call your local tree contractor. Some stumps, especially smaller ones, can easily be removed by stump killers. Stump killer is a method of naturally removing stump allowing it to decay with the help of certain active ingredients.

Removing Roots: The untreated root may always sprout a tree once removed. The tree thus grown may not be healthy and you may have to invest more to have it removed. Therefore, it is always better to have the roots removed. You can hire a tree contractor to grind the roots out from the ground or get it chemically removed. The root of a tree is located far deep inside the ground and hence is tough to get with bare hands and a simple shovel. Employing a professional can help get rid of the roots and any other landscape problem that the untreated root may have already started to cause.

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