A Short Guide to Proper Shrub Trimming

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Shrubs are decorative plants for they enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of your property. Unfortunately, they are proper shrub trimmingthe most undervalued and underrated of all landscaping plants. If left to grow on their own they may badly overgrow into bad shapes and devalue your property. A well-trimmed shrub, on the other hand, provides an attractive appeal to the garden. A well-kept garden always receives compliments and is noticed by the neighbors.

Most variety of shrubs stay green throughout the year. They can be grown into fences, windbreak and more with trimming. Trimming provides shrub with an attractive shape and good health. The trimming of shrubs largely depends on the type of shrub. However, the method of trimming is almost the same and can be mastered easily.

If you are someone new to trimming or have been facing tough time shaping up the shrubs, the below tips will make it easier for you. For shrub trimming you will need loppers to cut branches up to two inches, a small pruning saw for cutting branches larger than 2 inches and hedge trimmer for attractive trimming. Once you have the trimming tools ready you can move ahead and start trimming shrubs.

Tips To Shrub Trimming

  1. Getting Started: Measure the length of the shrub and decide the height that you would like to keep. Lay a tarp around the shrub to make cleaning job after trimming easy for you. Place two stakes on the sides of the shrub. Tie the stakes with a string. Tie the string at a height that you would like to have of the shrub. You can also use a level to position the string. Use hedge trimmer to trim the shrub from bottom to top. Keep the bottom of the shrub wide and top narrow. Gradually move to top from bottom.
  2. Trimming the Sides: Again, move from bottom to top for an even looking shrub. Don’t cut deep as it may make the shrub look unorganized. The sides of the shrub should be cut at a slight angle. The bottom side has to be wider for adequate exposure to the sunlight.
  3. Remove Dead Branches: The overgrown, diseased and dead branches should be removed one by one. Remove the thickest overgrown branches first. Now, remove diseased or dead portions from the branches.

Using the aforementioned tips you can easily trim the shrub and clean the mess afterwards. Shrubs are as important as plants and turf in a garden. A proper shrub trimming can make your garden look clean and attractive.

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