3 Things About Tree and Shrub Care Every Gardener Should Know About

Posted by on Jun 2, 2018 in Landscape | Comments Off on 3 Things About Tree and Shrub Care Every Gardener Should Know About

Tree and Shrub CareClimate, the cyclic nature of insect population, soil condition, the average temperature and other similar factors play a significant role on the overall health of trees and shrubs. As a gardener, one should know the basics on tree and shrub care — when to water the trees and shrubs as well as the season when it needs to be sheltered. But, apart from that, there are other things that many gardeners overlook.

Tree care calls for patience and making the right choices. Some tree problems are quick to fix while some may take time or even years to treat. If you have a tree or shrub on your landscape make sure you read through what most of the gardeners miss out on.

1. Visible Results Take Time

Any tree care program that you choose for your garden area may take time before showing visible results. It is under stable how one would eager to see results, but panicking won’t help. Stick to the program and wait until results become visible. If you keep on changing the methods you’re trying it, it may just result to an even longer waiting time.

2. Trimming is Important

Trimming is important for trees. Trimming doesn’t only help beautify a tree and assist growth, it can also help treat tree diseases and infections. For instance, some trees affected by fungal diseases such as anthracnose requires trimming as a treatment.

3. Proper Application is Crucial

You may have trimming and pruning tools and equipment but do you honestly know the proper ways to treat a tree? Especially when a tree is infected by a disease or fungus, to avoid infections from spreading to the rest of the tree, or worse, before a tree dies completely, it is best to call a professional arborist or tree expert. Experimenting with trial and error methods wouldn’t do you or the tree any good.

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