Tree Stump Removal Tips

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tree stump removalRemoving a stump from the yard can be a tedious job as it requires a lot of manual and smart work. Hiring a contractor for stump removal is probably the best thing you can do. However, if you have decided to do it all by yourself, here are a few tips for you.

First though, it is never a good idea to try stump removal on your own. It can be very dangerous if you do not have the right equipment. New Smyrna Tree Pros specializes in tree removal, as well as stump removal. It is always best to hire a professional tree company, and well worth the cost. Otherwise, the job will probably not be done correctly, and even worse, you can get hurt.

1. Evaluate the Reason: Remove the stump only if it poses any risk to people or other plants in the yard. If the stump is deceased and is more likely to affect the health of other plants, it is advisable to have it removed. If there is a risk of tripping and falling, do get the stump removed.

2. Assess the Stump: Assess the stump before removing it. Some stumps require to be chemically treated as they have roots deep down the ground. So, it is essential to assess the stump on the first.

3. Grind Away the Stump: Once having evaluated the stump for any disease, you can grind it away. Grinding the most convenient and secure way of removing the stump. You can either rent a grinder or buy it. But, before grinding, remove rocks with a shovel. If possible, cut away as much of stump as you can with a chainsaw.

4. Manually Remove the Stump: If you chose to remove the stump with your hands, you would need a chainsaw, limbing saw, shovel, digging bar, and a pickax. Remove lower branches from the trunk with a chainsaw. Use pick mattock, shovel, and digging bar to locate the roots of the stump. Slightly raise the roots from the ground with a shovel. Cut down the significant or vital roots – the tree underground – with an ax. Continue to cut and push the trunk to remove the stump.

Here are more tips in removing stumps and roots. Manual removal of stump can be a tiring job. The best thing you can do is call the professionals. They are experts in stump removal and have all the necessary tools to complete the job.

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